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Learning is making it possible for yourself”

"Teaching is only demonstrating that it is possible.

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The Barbering Academy of England is established by Mr Gary Hatto, the creator of a chain of 8 barbershops situated in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Somerset.  Mr Hatto, a Master barber himself for over 25 years, will deliver to his students a 10 week, in depth barbering training course, which is carefully planned and covers all aspects of barbering skills.

The Hatto brand of barbering is renowned for it's attention to detail, resulting in excellence. Mr Hatto has trained many of the finest barbers, who have gone onto find success in their barbering careers. Mr Hatto has a unique approach to teaching, which tells, explains and demonstrates, which will inspire his students to strive to reach their potential in every aspect of their barbering careers.

The Barbering Academy of England is established by Mr Gary Hatto.

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We are different in that we teach for 10 weeks in our purpose built school, and it is intensive and creative from day one.

We have a constant supply of clients to train and gain experience for you, throughout the entire course, and these clients will be readily available when required, which is essential to teach the many barbering techniques that you will learn. Click arrows to find out more..

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